Exhibitions > "Momentum - Paris - Tel Aviv - Paris" Exhibition 29-04-2013- 30-06-2013


"Momentum" exhibition contains 70 works made by International and Israeli artists that were made in the last 100 years.

Most of the international artists are already dead whereas the Israeli ones are still alive.

The connection between past and present, between modern and contemporary art, between black and white, between drawing collage and painting is the core of "Momentum" exhibition.

It looks as if this is the right time to exhibit this exhibition in the time capsule.

The decision to exhibit mainly black & white small format works came to proclaim that perpetuity and contrast can match each other and live in full harmony.

As Nicola Borio, the curator and manager of the Beaux Art in Paris quote Borchas "Every piece of art changes both the future and the past".

Based on this quote, both the modern and the contemporary artists are being linked, giving the spectator some difficulty in identifying the time of creation.

Michel Poko, a French philosopher, said that "History leads directly to the present and since the present is always changing, we need to evaluate the past constantly".

"Momentum" is a voyage between the modern and contemporary art.

That might be the right momentum to connect between the gallery owners, whom identity is half Israeli half French.

Both the gallery owners , the curator and the artists exhibited in the exhibition lives "here and there".

The Israeli artists are also some kind of immigrants, moves from here to there and that is why their visual language became international.

Benoit Sapiro, owner of Minotaure Gallery in Paris decided to focus on immigrant artists from East Europe who moved to work in Paris, and were not appropriately recognized for their achievements in their life time.

His partner, Yaron Lavitz, is constantly moving between Tel Aviv and Paris.

Sapiro who is an immigrant himself decided to work with artists whom he identifies with their strangeness. We all identifies with people whom their outline is similar to us.

All the artists exhibited in this exhibition were derived from their desire to create and were moving from place to place until they settled in the environment that enabled them to develop and grow.

We can divide the artists participated in this exhibition into several categories: Those who define reality as it is or parts of it, those who were drown to the abstract and looked for a new language to express themselves. Others tried to run away from reality into utopic and imaginative world and those who were influenced by the environment they lived in, and tried to express it in their art.

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